If you had asked me three years ago my impressions of Havertys Furniture, I would have said it was excellent, highly recommended. In my previous life (at my first condo), I purchased a bedroom set, a couch, and two upholstered ottomans and was really pleased with everything. My sister actually has the bedroom set and couch at her apartment outside of Boston, almost ten years after I bought them, and they are still in great condition.

Recently though, we’ve made a few purchases that are less than satisfactory. My husband and I spent months looking for his ideal leather recliner. It had to fit all of his requirements: comfortable, casual, durable, attractive, and within budget. Needless to say, this was difficult to find and we made several trips to a multitude of stores in search of this unicorn recliner. We were so excited when we found it at Havertys – the Payton recliner – and bought it without a second thought. Not one year later, the leather coloring on the back (where his head rests) has worn in a speckled pattern of a strange orangey-yellow color. How is this even possible? Was the leather badly dyed in the first place? If someone can help explain, please do!

Speckled wearing on the back of the Payton Recliner by Havertys

Speckled wearing on the back of the Payton Recliner by Havertys

Fortunately, we’d bought the extended protection for this particular piece (we are protective of our leather!) so it was replaced recently, but this definitely soured our opinion of the chair and Havertys craftmanship. I will say that the customer service team did a good job of handling the return though the delivery team was over two hours late with NO notice and no apology – grrr…

However, our bad experience with the recliner pales in comparison to that of a trunk/coffee table I’d bought a few months ago. The Scottsdale Cocktail Table was really pretty online and in person. It served a dual purpose – storing items we didn’t use often like extra pillows and throw blankets, and came in a nice brown distressed finish. Imagine our surprise when it was delivered and after opening and closing a few times, the hinges looked like this:

Havertys Scottsdale Cocktail Table - Hinge Damage

Havertys Scottsdale Cocktail Table – Hinge Damage

We immediately returned it, and questioned the description from the Havertys website that this was “hardwood” construction. We understood that the oak veneer would be applied, but assumed (wrongly) that the construction would be made of some sort of actual wood, since the website specifies Asian Hardwoods, whatever that is. This was clearly made of MDF – not even plywood! To charge this much money for something that is made from these subpar materials, and to call them “hardwoods” on the website is shady to say the least.

To be fair, I’ve also purchased two items from Havertys that I really like – the Cleo Accent Chest (no longer available) and the Charleston sectional (also no longer available). These two items have held up well and look nice in our new house.

However, after seeing the quality and workmanship of the cocktail table and leather recliner, I can’t in good conscience recommend Havertys anymore. If you do buy from there, be sure to check – and double check – materials and read all reviews before making your purchase!

What are your thoughts of Havertys? Have you had the same problems I have, or have a better experience to share? Let me know in the comments!

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It’s one of my favorite times of the year – March Madness! It’s not just about basketball either (PS: Go Terps!) – there is an amazing sale going on right now on 60 pieces of gorgeous Amrita Singh jewelry! To celebrate spring, for the next 48 hours, tons of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings are on sale for just $15 with code MAD15! Here are a few of my favorites:

Amrita Singh Emmi Bangle, regularly $50

Amrita Singh Curved Leaf Drop Earring, regularly $30

Amrita Singh Noho Necklace, regularly $50

Amrita Singh Sylvana Waterfall Bracelet, regularly $50

Amrita Singh Fleur Pendant, regularly $50 – I have this necklace and love it!

Check out all of the March Madness sale items here and be sure to use your cash back sites when you shop! Ebates currently offers 5% cash back on all purchases at Amrita Singh… that’s free money, honey!

Let me know if you end up purchasing anything! Enjoy the madness!

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Not long ago, it was announced that Japanese company Rakuten would be buying Ebates to the tune of $1 Billion. The numbers are staggering: Rakuten said Ebates has 2.5 million active members who are increasing their shopping activity. It also said members spent $2.2 billion on Ebates sites last year, generating a profit of $13.7 million on revenue of $167.4 million in the year 2013.

Great Cash Back at BigCrumbs

Image via: Tax Credits Flickr (Creative Commons)

There is a similar cash back site that promises to pay out shares to its members if there is ever a similar acquisition. That company is my personal favorite cash back site, BigCrumbs.

What BigCrumbs promises is simple: based on your activity on the site, you earn CrumbShares, which determine how much money you would be paid in the event of a buyout.  I highly recommend getting your piece of the pie! The more you use the service, and the more people you can refer, the better your chances are of getting a payout if the company is acquired! And even if the company is never acquired, you’re still getting great cash back on the things you buy every day. You can click this link to sign up or log in to refer more friends and family!

Read on to learn more info from the BigCrumbs website:

What Are CrumbShares?
Each time you earn cash back through BigCrumbs, you’ll also earn an equivalent number of CrumbShares. For instance, when you earn $10 in cash back, you’ll also receive 10 CrumbShares.
Additionally, you will receive a number of CrumbShares equivalent to 10% of the cash back earned by your direct referrals. For example, when your referral earns $20 in cash back, you will earn 2 CrumbShares in addition to any referral commissions.

What Can I Do With CrumbShares?
In the event that BigCrumbs is acquired by another company, you may redeem your CrumbShares for a percentage of the cash compensation that BigCrumbs receives. The percentage that you will earn is based on the percentage of all CrumbShares that you own.
Each time you or your referrals earn cash back with BigCrumbs, your potential reward grows.

Are You Serious? Exactly How Does This Work?
Yep, we’re serious.
In the event of a cash or partial-cash acquisition of the company, BigCrumbs will allocate fully half (50%) of all net cash proceeds from the buyer to members. Each member will then receive a portion of this as cash compensation within ninety days of the settlement date.
For instance, if you own 1/2% of all CrumbShares, you will earn 1/2% of the amount set aside for members.

Why Is BigCrumbs Doing This?
Our members have made hundreds of millions of dollars in purchases at our featured stores and earned millions in cash back and referral commissions. You’ve made us one of the leading cash back sites over the years and we’ve rewarded you as generously as possible.
But, here’s the thing: while most companies would call that an even exchange, we believe that you deserve more. If you’ve helped us grow into an x million (or billion) dollar company, then we want you to share the resulting rewards if an acquisition occurs. In other words, we think you should be able to redeem the value that you helped to create.

Is BigCrumbs For Sale?
No. BigCrumbs is not currently for sale. However, we have received serious, written offers in the past and as a profitable, growing business (and with your continued loyalty), our value will only continue to increase further.
So, at any point it is very possible that we will receive an attractive offer from a company whose values align with our own. This is a natural evolution for successful companies, and we may very well accept that offer.
When that time comes, we want you to know that you have a share!

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