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First Impression:
Torn.  I was initially lured in by the fantastic 3-tier referral program at, but the website was sloppy.  The photography seemed amateur and the clothing was not styled well.  Item descriptions were lacking at best.  I also noticed several typos.  Maybe I’m a grammar snob, but I find it difficult to completely trust retailers with obvious typos.  Bloggers and non-professional writers, I can forgive –I won’t judge anyone, don’t worry!  But retailers, please don’t make lazy mistakes.  Sometimes I would find that the brand names were misspelled, which is inexcusable.

On the other hand, the prices were quite good and the brands seemed to be high quality.

Purchase Experience:
My first purchase at was a Nine West handbag.  I placed the order on April 30 and received it on May 10.  Not too bad, but certainly not the fastest.  I paid $19 for the bag and $7.95 for shipping.  It came in a nice box and was definitely store quality.  I actually still use this bag on a daily basis, so it’s a winner in my book, and a price performer to boot!

However, over time shipping slowed considerably.  Maybe it’s because it is the holiday season and they are experiencing an influx of orders, but I am still waiting for an order I placed on November 9 — it is now November 27!  I received my shipment notification a few days ago, but FedEx Ground takes a painful amount of time to reach me on the east coast from Los Angeles. I am also still waiting for a shipment notification for an order I placed on November 12!  Crazy.

Not only has shipping slowed, but the quality of shipping material has diminished as well.  I no longer receive nice boxes with my shipments.  While I still pay the same amount (or more) for shipping, my purchases now arrive in plastic bags.  Disappointing.

Customer Service Experience:
Incredibly bad.  Almost unbelievably so.  When I first signed up for, the referral program stated that once you reached $500 in referral credit, you would be mailed a check.  I was fortunate enough to eclipse $500 in store credits quickly, so I contacted them using their service email to request the check.  I almost immediately received a form letter response promising a follow up within 48 hours.  However, there was absolutely NO follow up.  My second and third emails had a similar fate.  The final email I received from the general customer service department said, “Please wait a few days for a response.”

After a few days passed, I gave up hope and tried contacting them via Twitter. The social network service rep was confused, thinking I’d asked “How do I check my referral credit?” instead of “How do I receive a check for my referral credit?”  Pretty close, but not quite.  But I did get a response, so that’s a plus.

She asked me to email her directly at her email address so she could look into the issue.  I NEVER recevied a response from her.  However, I did notice that the referral program changed shortly thereafter.  Modnique no longer offers $500 checks for store credit, AND to receive any referral credit at all, your referral must make a purchase of $100 or more.  Again, very disappointing.   I don’t expect much, but a polite response would have been much appreciated.

Overall Rating:
D: While the customer service is seriously lacking and shipping is almost unbearably slow, the products have been good quality.

I received the items from my November 12 order on December 2; they were in good condition and shipped in a very sturdy FedEx box with lots of tape.  (Excellent!)  Since it was a larger order, it was sent via 2-day direct and required my signature on delivery.  This is a big improvement and I am happy with the order – just unhappy with how much time it took to reach me.  This could have been mediated with a friendly FYI-type customer service email, even if it is auto-generated and sent customers with orders remaining open for more than 1-2 weeks.


The links in this post are referrals using my personal link.  Feel free to use them to sign up for if you’d like.  If you make a purchase of $100 or more, I will receive a $15 credit to use on the site.  I will also receive $10 for everyone you refer who makes a $100+ purchase and $5 for everyone your referrals invite who makes a $100+ purchase.

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2 Responses to Sample Sale Review: Modnique

  1. I have to admit that i sometimes get bored to read the whole thing but i honestly enjoyed what i read. Cheers !

  2. Yippy says:

    I know this is not a sample sale site, but have you been to I shopped with them last year and was super impressed by their customer service and their shipping is super fast! And if you sign up to be a VIP member, which is free, you can get free shipping! 🙂

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