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First Impression:
Awesome! I was referred to the site by a friend of mine because it had a great interactive, friendly shopping environment where customers could chat in real-time.  It was immediately fun and original.  I only had a few initial complaints.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the fact that there was only one item for sale at any given time… but that wasn’t such a bad thing because it curbed my spending a bit.  A more serious gripe is the total lack of a zoom feature.  I like to see fabric details or edges of clothing, and not having that luxury was disappointing.

Purchase Experience:
At first, everything was great.  I loved being able to talk to other customers and store representatives prior to making a purchase.  A retailer can write “true to size” next to an item for sale but what does that really mean?  I am a petite woman, so something that is “true to size” for a taller person might not fit me the same way.  It was really nice to hear from different sizes and shapes of women and hearing them say “oh Erin this would look great on you,” was very encouraging.  Because of this, I felt more secure making purchases from

Shipping was slow from the west coast, and there was no company-provided return shipping.  If I had to make a return (which I did often until I got to know the brands and my own sizing), I’d have to pay about $10 to send the items back using USPS.  However, the packaging was fantastic – items were packaged in black boxes with pink tissue paper, then the boxes were stacked in a larger cardboard box.  Each item was shipped in a plastic garment bag and items with more slippery fabric employed a layer of tissue paper to prevent wrinkling.

The items I personally received were high quality brands such as Cullen, Paige Premium Denim, LinQ, Aude, Morphine Generation.  Boutique quality for sure.  However, as time went on, quality dropped and it became apparent that some of the items being sold were “seconds” – some with stains, odd sizing and cuts, irregular seams, etc.  Of course unhappy customers are vocal, and because there was a real-time chat room on the company homepage, complaints were very apparent.

Customer Service Experience:
This is a tale of two eras.  Prior to the quality dropping, customer service was stellar.  Representatives from the company were never far away from the chat room, and they were quick to address issues with orders, shipping, or even sizing.  For one of my purchases, I accidentally ordered the wrong size of dVb jeans (Victoria Beckham’s line) and it was quickly swapped out with the right size by the friendly rep.

However after the customers became upset with the quality of products, customer service dropped like a rock.  The representatives were hostile on chat and banned several members of the community.  I was once banned for simply sharing a link – and I have not been chatting since.  There doesn’t seem to be much of a value placed on customer relations anymore, and the chat has actually disappeared from the site’s homepage.

Overall Rating:
C: I’d be willing to try out again if I saw something I loved.  However, I haven’t seen anything like that in quite some time.

It turns out that the company is in the midst of a redesign.  I am not sure the reasons besides financial, but I am sure that the web traffic slowed considerably in more recent months.  I’m hopeful that things will return to normal and the chat will become vibrant and helpful once again.


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