Even though brand loyalty can be pretty strong, I am one of those folks who owns both a pair of Emu boots and a pair of Ugg boots.  Because of my experience with both brands, several friends and associates have asked me for advice when selecting between the two, so I figured I’d share here as well 🙂  I’ll go through several aspects of each pair and compare.

Advantage: Emu.  While I have to say that retail price for Emu boots can still be quite high, it is much easier to find them on sale.  The retail price for both my Emu boots and Ugg boots was right around $180.  I bought my Emu boots off the clearance rack for $40 at Macy’s, and I have never seen Uggs priced lower than $100.

Tie, perhaps a slight advantage to the Uggs.  I own the taller version of the both brands, and I find that they’re both incredibly comfortable and warm.  Right now the Uggs might be a bit more comfy because they are significantly newer and the sole hasn’t been worn down yet.

Advantage: Uggs.  I think both brands tend to run a bit large, maybe to accommodate for thicker socks and tucking pants.  I think that the Uggs are a bit more snug on my calf though, so I have to give them the advantage here.  If you have wider calves, Emus might work better for you, or perhaps you should not consider the higher shaft.

It’s hard for me to compare since I’ve had the Emus for so much longer than the Uggs.  Although I meticulously care for my shoes and do not typically wear them out, I am very impressed with how well the Emus have held up for over three years, even through the horrible winter we had last year.  I expect Uggs to hold up similarly, and will update this post as needed.

Advantage: Uggs.  I think the Emus are just a bit too wide and cartoonish.  The Uggs are slimmer in the foot and have a better look altogether.  They seem to be made of a better quality outer material, and the lining is definitely much more plush.  They also have a better sole – ridges as opposed to the smoother Emu sole.

Final Verdict?
I would recommend both brands, honestly.  If price is no concern, go for the Uggs.  They’re the most recognizable brand name for a reason.  If you can find Emus on sale, it’s totally worth trying them out.


The Emus were purchased with my own money and the Uggs were a birthday gift from my mom.  All opinions are my own.

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