So you’re still shopping for your family and friends and need some ideas?  Here are a few of my go-to gifts when you’re at the end of your rope and need something fast:

  • T-shirts or sweatshirts: They’re good for teenagers, adults, kids.  If you can find something that suits the person’s personality or customize one for Grandma at the mall, t-shirts with a thoughtful meaning behind them can definitely be a great gift.  Kohl’s, Target, and WalMart have a great selection if you’re on a budget.
  • Music and movies: Pick out a movie that you went to see with the person, or a CD that reminds you of them.  If you are buying for a childhood friend, get them something vintage that you enjoyed as kids.
  • Restaurant certificates: This is especially good for parents, and if you’re feeling super generous, you can include free babysitting vouchers too – what parent doesn’t enjoy a night out without the kiddos?
  • Winter wear: Scarves, gloves, socks, hats – if you live in a cold climate, can you really ever have too many of these items?  I know I’d never turn down something cozy during the holiday season!
  • Homemade goodies: Whether you’re crafty enough to make Christmas ornaments or if you are an awesome baker, homemade goods always impress.  If you’re not good at either, bash up some candy canes and put them in hot chocolate mix for an instant holiday treat!  Bonus points if you can pinpoint exactly what the person is currently craving 🙂
  • Scented anything: Really, anything that smells good can make a great gift.  Lotions, bath powders, candles, cologne/perfumes – always a great idea.  Just make sure the recipient knows it’s nothing personal!
  • Calendars: One of the best gifts I have ever gotten was a Daily Dilbert calendar from a supervisor at my work last year.  It kept me entertained all year long!  I will probably be getting my grandparents calendars of funny animals this year.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Who else has great last minute gift ideas?

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2 Responses to Need last minute gift ideas?

  1. Curvy Lady says:

    I find perfumes/colognes are usually a good last minute gift. Dropping by from LBS

  2. Thanks for the tips! I will definitely be heading to the mall later:) Stopping by from the Lady Blogger’s tea party.

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