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First Impression:
At first glance, Kohl’s has a LOT of stuff.  Apparel, shoes, housewares, home decor, kitchen appliances, greeting cards, wrapping paper, toys… the list goes on and on. offers many of the same items online, but I would wager that the selection at the store is usually better.

While the store has a plethora of departments, in my experience, I’ve never gotten lost.  Stores like Target and WalMart are similar in nature, but sometimes I can’t figure out which way to go or how to get back to the front of the store.  Not an issue at Kohl’s – everything seems to progress in a logical order.  Kudos to the Kohl’s civil engineering and planning department!

The website is so-so.  There are sometimes disorganized, competing ads on department pages, but once you get the hang of the site layout, it’s not too bad.  I am usually able to find what I am looking for using the search bar.

Purchase Experience:
Pretty awesome, actually.  Kohl’s is a great go-to spot for jewelry, accessories, handbags, picture frames, and home decor, and occasionally there are amazing apparel deals.  (I’ve gotten cute tops and sweatpants for under $5! Great for gifting, come to think of it.)  Actually, it is a rare occurrence if there is not a great sale at Kohl’s, and if you shop online, you can usually find a good discount code to use on top of the current promotion.

My most recent online purchase was an adorable leopard print toddler outfit for a friend’s one-year-old daughter.  The fleece top, matching velour pants, and a gift box added up to about $15 — great deal!  Hopefully her mama doesn’t hate me for pushing my personal fashion sense on a defenseless child 🙂

When you use your Kohl’s card, you will often receive a better % discount and you’ll automatically earn Kohl’s cash.  Normally I am all for free money – but I have a big issue with program at Kohl’s.  With Kohl’s cash, you are given a very limited timeframe to redeem your rewards.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think they will specify on the receipt the exact days when you must spend the cash!  That is a major bummer for me because I like to take my time and shop when I want to, not when I am told to.

Customer Service Experience:
Good – the return policy at Kohl’s is pretty customer-friendly, and I’ve been happy with how I’ve been treated by associates at the register.  My only recommendation would be to have more floating sales reps to help at the jewelry counters and in each department.  It would be nice to have someone to help you find another size if you’re stuck in the fitting room.

Overall Rating:
B+ –  you can usually find a great deal at Kohl’s in stores and online, but there is room for improvement.


All items mentioned in this post were purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own.

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3 Responses to Retailer Review: Kohls

  1. Stephanie says:

    Kohl’s will usually honor recently expired Kohl’s Cash. So, really, you have a month to use it! YMMV.

    Big fan of Kohl’s and their clearance section 😉

    • Erin says:

      Oooo, that is good to know!! Thank you!

      Definitely agree about clearance section… you might have to pick through it but there are some gems to be found 🙂

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