First Impression:
My first experience with Tulle was during one of their amazing one-day sales.  I was really happy with the prices ($5 or less for a cardigan? Yes please!) but the website left me wanting more.  There was not much information with regard to material or sizing, and there was no zoom feature.  Also, if I wanted to see a different color of an item, I could only see a swatch.  This is fine for solid colors, but for prints, I’d much rather see it “life size” so to speak.

Purchase Experience:
Not bad.  I have ordered at Tulle 3 times and 2 times the shipping time has been acceptable.  The one time that it took forever, they sent apology emails and kept me updated, so I wasn’t too upset.  Each time I’ve ordered, it’s been during their super sales, so I am sure they get backed up.  They use large branded boxes, which is great, and items arrived in individual plastic bags, something that always makes me happy.

Most of my orders have been knits, which vary sizing-wise.  I haven’t purchased any yet, but I have heard that their jackets run quite small.  (During the super sales, jackets can go for right around $10!)  Many of the sweaters are wool or wool-blend, so that’s something to keep in mind when ordering.  Luckily, wool doesn’t bother me too much.  Because of the materials and the sizing issues, the item description really needs to be more comprehensive.  Besides that, I have been very happy with my Tulle purchases.  The clothes are vintage-inspired and have cute little details that set them apart from most other retailers.

Now, would I pay full price for Tulle clothes?  No way.  That’s not a commentary on the quality though… It’s just that the sale prices are totally worth waiting for.  Did I mention $5 or LESS for a sweater?? I ordered and continue to order only during sale times.  Their sale prices are amazing and I highly, highly recommend them for everyday basics.

Customer Service Experience:
Good.  I was happy with their response when my order was delayed, but I know several friends who were not as happy with their experience.  I would guess that they have improved over time.

Overall Rating:
B: I’m generally happy with my purchases at Tulle, but I would include the “buyer beware” disclaimer – make sure you check the materials, and it’s possible that whatever you order won’t fit – have a backup plan if it doesn’t.  (My backup plan involves gifting to my slightly larger sister and mother.)  Also, I think the website should use a better zoom feature and allow customers to see full-sized images of each color/pattern.


Everything was purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own.

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4 Responses to Retailer Review: Tulle

  1. Medical Jobs says:

    found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  2. Will you be posting pictures of your items on your other blog?

    • Erin says:

      I am planning to! I have a ton of stuff from Tulle… one of the sweaters is probably my all time favorite. Black tunic length with a waist tie. I’ll have to wear that soon 🙂

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