It’s the holiday season, we’re rapidly closing in on Christmas, and thankfully I am almost done with my gift shopping.  Most years I am completely done about a month in advance and by the time mid-December rolls around, all I have to do is box, wrap, label, and deliver.  Right now, I have gotten gifts for all of my friends and most of the family, I’ve found a few things for the boyfriend… but I am still waiting for a great dad gift idea to hit me.

My dad is big into sports, so I usually default to a sports-related gift like a football jersey or tailgating supplies.  There’s always the safe golf-related gift such as a golf shirt, wind jacket, new putter or glove.  He’s also into Under Armour, so that’s also a good bet.

If I don’t go the sports route, there are always button-down shirts, new fashionable ties, or a pair of slippers.

However, here is the problem: he already HAS all of these things.  Sure he could use some new socks, and there’s always room for another color tie or polo, but do guys really enjoy getting new clothes?  Is there anything else that a guy in his early 50’s would like?

What do you get for a guy who doesn’t really need anything?

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