There is a whole world of sample sale-ing beyond the big ones: Hautelook, RueLaLa, etc.  A couple of my recent favorites are Swirl and NoMoreRack.


Swirl is a sample sale site attached to Daily Candy, a daily newsletter I’ve been receiving for a few years.  I ordered a bunch of American Apparel clothing from Swirl a few months ago and had it shipped to my parents house because I had a vacation planned for the next week.  Imagine my surprise when they received my package just 3 days later!  I was able to take my new American Apparel duds with me on vacation – super score!  They were delivered in a nice sturdy box too – big time cool points for that.

They also very frequently run coupon codes that can be used for free shipping, % off purchase, or $ off purchase – good job to them.  That always works on consumers like me 🙂

Today’s sale is Bloch flats – something I have been DYING to try!  They’re under $100 which is so rare I can hardly stand it.  I’ll let you know if I buckle and buy myself some.  I wish I knew someone on my Christmas list that needed comfy flats!  (PS: Have you tried Bloch flats?  I would love to hear what you think!  I have super sensitive feet and have heard that they are among the best.)


NoMoreRack is a bit different – you get a daily email with a bunch of items available that day.  So far, it’s ranged from makeup (Smashbox, Stila, OPI, etc.) to denim (Paige Premium Denim) to kids toys and games.  I have been tempted by at least one item every day so far.  Variety is the spice of life, that’s for certain!  I just made my first purchase at NoMoreRack this week, so I will have to update when I receive it, but their prices and selection are out of this world!  Yesterday, I was able to get a cute little black dress with a lace back and sleeves for just $15!  $15!!  Their shipping is only $2, and you receive a $10 bonus when you sign up.  Amazing!

Have you had any experience with these sample sale sites? Do you have any other lesser known sample sale sites that you recommend?

If so, please leave your feedback in the comments!


All links in this post are my personal referral links.  It’s very likely that my account will be credited at the relevant site when/if you sign  up and/or make a purchase.

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2 Responses to Uncommon Sample Sale Sites

  1. Liane says:

    There are over 80 sample sale websites out there – we have a complete list at Sample Sale Sites (dot com!)

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