I’m sure many of you haven’t heard of Broadstripe.  I hadn’t until I moved into my current residence.

Since I live in a condo, my choices for cable and internet were limited.  Dishes were out of the question, and I was reluctant to sign up with Comcast (my service provider at my old apartment – long story.)  I called Verizon to see if FiOS was available in my area. No, not yet.  Even Comcast said that they hadn’t offered service in my building for the past few years.  That left me with Broadstripe.

Before I go on, isn’t it strange that I had NO choice in selecting a service provider?  I thought that was illegal somehow?

In the two years I was a Broadstripe customer, there are several times that I had spotty service in both cable and internet.  Most of the time, the outages took place during the daytime hours or late at night, so it wasn’t a HUGE deal, but it was certainly annoying.

I can deal with outages every now and then — it’s to be expected.  However, the customer service at Broadstripe was just NOT good.  Every time I called the customer service line, I was put on hold for an extraordinary amount of time.  I will give credit where it’s due — there are some very competent and friendly people who work for Broadstripe.  However, they are nowhere near the majority.  Most of the time, the customer service reps were rude, dismissive, and at times quite ignorant.

For example, I experienced a four-day internet outage during a time when I was scheduled to work at home.  This led to lost wages and serious heartburn on my side, but Broadstripe reps did not seem to care.  Eventually, I spoke with a young lady who was very sympathetic and was able to get someone out to fix the problem that same day.  Of course, it was on day four of my outage, but who knows how long it could have continued without her assistance.

Not only that, but I experienced several problems with billing.  After my introductory promotional rate expired, I was able to have it lowered for a nebulous amount of time, but after a few months, my bill somehow skyrocketed from about $75 a month to $135. No explanation, no mailing or telephone call to let me know that my rates were changing.  My auto-payment just went through, no questions asked.  VERY frustrating, to say the least.

When FiOS was finally available in my condo, I was elated.  I scheduled Verizon to come out on December 1, 2010 and called Broadstripe to cancel service effective that same day.  I asked what the charges for December would be, and I was quoted a “prorated” amount of $77.  So effectively, I was to be billed $77 for roughly 12 hours of service in the month of December.  Does that seem high to you?  It certainly caught me off guard.  I asked the customer service rep to explain why I would be billed that amount and the only explanation he could give me was, “because it is prorated.”  After asking three times and being assured that there were no fees involved, I gave up and said that $77 will have to do then.  I never saw that bill.  It should also be noted that during my time as a Broadstripe customer, I was NEVER able to log into their website to view my account history.  How frustrating.

Anyway, the technician picked up my equipment around noon on December 1st; he was in and out within 10 minutes.  He gave me my receipt and said to hang onto it in case there was a problem.

Imagine my surprise when I saw a charge for $135 on my next credit card statement.  Delightful.  I sent an email to the customer service email address and to this day have not received a response.

After several calls, I figured out the reason I was billed almost double what I was quoted.

There was no record at the Broadstripe warehouse for my equipment being returned.

No one from Broadstripe bothered to call me until this week.

After I made several calls and spent a large portion of my cellular daytime minutes, things appear to be resolved.  There is a ticket filed for the warehouse to check and make sure the equipment is there.  The phone rep expects $66 and change to be refunded to my credit card.

We shall see…


D – I can’t in good conscience recommend Broadstripe.  They are responsible for a ridiculous amount of errors with my account and have been very reluctant – at times, unwilling – to assist customers.  Also, the number of HD channels was laughable, their remote control frequently malfunctioned, and the DVR could store about as much data as a flash drive from 2005.

Have you been happy with your Broadstripe service?  Care to commiserate? Leave a comment!

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  1. Kat says:

    I love your shop reviews. Come over to London – your blog would be so appreciated here!!

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