Since we’re talking about shoes, I thought it would be appropriate to give a quick review of a recent purchase, the New Balance Rock and Tone shoes.

New Balance Rock and Tone

For my birthday last year, my best friend got me a gift certificate to – one of my favorite online stores.  She knows me so well!  While the gift card was perfect, I couldn’t decide what to get myself.  I didn’t need any more boots (well, I COULD stand to get some short ones) and I was generally happy with my collection of flats and gladiators… so what does that leave us with?

Athletic shoes!

I’d seen tons of commercials for tone up shoes and I’d been dying to try them since Sketchers introduced the first pair.  However, as my sister so cleverly put it, “they look like Spice Girl shoes” because they have the distinct appearance of platform tennis shoes – which I regrettably did own in middle school.

So fearing the worst, I held off for some time.  I’d seen a few people here and there wearing tone up shoes, but they looked a bit silly and orthopedic.  I figured it was wise to wait until a better brand started producing them.

My interest was piqued again when my sister ordered a pair of Reebok toning shoes.  With her endorsement, I was ready. I needed some tone up shoes, stat!  I was pretty sold on Reeboks but I decided to check around first to see what I could find.

I did a little web surfing and decided on the New Balance Rock and Tone sneakers shown above, in blue and white.

As noted in another ShopHappens review, is incredibly prompt, so I had my shoes in just two days!


– They’re super comfy when you first put them on.  My feet range from a 5.5 to 6.  I got my larger size 6 and they fit very well.  I could probably wear thicker socks with them if I wanted.

– While I can’t say that they’re miracle workers, I did notice myself walking a bit straighter – my legs have never hurt after wearing them, but I can see how these would make someone’s muscles tighten up over time.

– By the end of the first day of wear, there was a little bit of rubbing on the back of my heel, but that’s pretty standard.  A few of the reviewers on Endless said that they run narrow, and I would agree. I have narrow feet and they really did fit snugly – which is a plus in my book.

– Overall, I’m really happy with these shoes.  They are unmistakably toning shoes, which stinks, but they look less “platformish” in person. What’s more, they fit great and look decent… but the best part – they were much less expensive than Reebok or Sketchers. I paid $76, my sister’s Reeboks were right around $100 and now you can catch them for under $60!

–  Added bonus?  They made me feel a lot taller!

Final Score

I give these shoes a solid B.  If you’re going to be walking, you might as well give them a try. 


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2 Responses to Item Review: New Balance Rock and Tone Shoes

  1. Tara says:

    I’m considering the True Balance 1100. My cousin’s husband works for New Balance and recommended those for me (to use at the gym – even though the shoe tells you only for walking). I tried them on at the store and I do not think they look like toning shoes. REI is having a huge deal on them right now. They deliver free to your nearest store. $74.95 (down from $114.95 per new balance homepage). Will let you know how they go.

    • Erin says:

      Oh yes please do! I hope they work for you. It’s always nice to have some insider information 🙂

      I had been hoping to find some that look less like toning shoes, but oh well. I am pretty happy with these bad boys, even if they do look a bit silly!

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