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First Impression:
I just learned about Land’s End Canvas very recently. It’s obviously related to Land’s End, which wasn’t a place that I’d thought to shop.  I was pleasantly surprised when I visited the Canvas website – cute, stylish items and decent prices.  I figured I’d give it a try!

Land’s End Canvas is one of few retailers that offers a size XXS, and while that is not *my* size, it does mean that if something runs big, there is an opportunity to buy a smaller size.  This is a huge plus — I actually sized down in the leggings I ordered and I am very glad I did.  My true size would have been very large on me.

The website itself is well organized and items are easy to find.  I really like the fact that there is a rating given on each item, and rating is clearly shown even in the list view.

Purchase Experience:
Excellent.  I caught a really great sale and ended up with a pair of leggings, 3 basic long sleeve tees, and 2 sweaters for just about $60.  I also received free shipping with minimum purchase – this is key in my book.  I hate paying for shipping!

I was pleased when I got my delivery within one week and upon inspection, everything was great quality.  The delivery was made in a nice sturdy brown box, and each item was neatly packed in individual bags.  Little pieces of tissue paper kept the more slippery items stable in their bags.  Good job, Land’s End.

Customer Service Experience:
None yet.  I’ll update if I ever have a problem.

Overall Rating:
A – Land’s End Canvas is a solid A.  The garments I ordered were excellent quality and arrived promptly.  The sale prices were also very good– I’d definitely recommend Land’s End Canvas to any young professional or even teens and moms!

Do you have any experience with Land’s End Canvas?  Did you have any biases since it is related to the stereotypically “older” Land’s End brand?


I am not in any way affiliated with Land’s End or Land’s End Canvas, all items mentioned were purchased with my own money, and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Victoria Secret Coupons says:

    Hey there : )
    You shop on-line or in-store? which often would you go for? truly wondering lol.. i like in-store since i don’t really like expecting it to come!

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