First Impression: is an online retailer specializing in all things haircare, ranging from shampoos to color to flat irons to brushes.  The website is welcoming and decently organized.  The front page will always tell you their current promotion, which I find very helpful.  There are also a ton of great reviews for most products, especially flat irons.  Some of the reviews even include photos, which is super helpful when deciding on a product.

The website often runs specials, so I recommend signing up to get their emails and waiting for a steal on a product you’re eyeing.  I used the Top Ten promo below to get an extra 10% off my purchase and free shipping.

Currently all items on the Folica Top Ten are 10% off with code TOOLS10

Purchase Experience:
Perfect!  I am so happy with my purchase experience.  I recently lost my HAI flat iron (also purchased from Folica, many years ago) when an electric current ran through it and caused the wire to pop.  Can you say terrifying!?  It was pretty old though, so this is no commentary on that product.

Anyway, after I got tired of my frizzy locks, I visited the website one Monday morning and ordered a new Solia flat iron.  Based on the purchase amount (over $50), shipping was free, so I was very excited.  I hate paying for shipping and generally avoid it when I can.  What was really unbelievable was that I got a shipment email that VERY night!  When I checked the tracking number, I saw that the delivery would be made on Tuesday.  ONE DAY!  One day free shipping!  Incredible!

The flat iron arrived in a small box with sealed air for protection – very secure.  Included with my purchase was a FREE heat proof iron pouch – retail value $35.  Score!!  I am very, very pleased with this purchase experience.

Customer Service Experience:
Nothing to report!

Overall Rating:
A+++ – I cannot possibly recommend enough.  I will definitely purchase from this company in the future and strongly suggest that you do the same.

Have you ever ordered from  What was your experience?


I am not in any way affiliated with, all items mentioned were purchased with my own money, and all opinions are my own.

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  1. Garfield says:

    It’s always good to find another place to get natural hair care products. I usually buy in bulk. It seems like every time I find something I like, they stop making it six months later.

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