For Him
If you’re shopping for your main man this Valentine’s Day, here are a few ideas:

  • Clothes – It’s definitely difficult to shop for most guys, but I know my boyfriend appreciates having a new pair of jeans, sweater, or polo shirt.  An added bonus is that it’ll be something he can feel good wearing around you because he knows you’ll like it.
  • Watch – I couldn’t get this for my boyfriend because he is SUPER picky about watches, but I know many men would appreciate a nice new wristpiece.
  • Embrace the Nerd Culture (or Sport Culture) – If he’s into technology or gadgets, scan the internet for what’s cool now.  Check Gizmodo and Wired blogs for starters.  Can’t afford an iPad?  Get him something cute and funny like a dancing USB hula girl or a funny t-shirt that says something nerdy 🙂  If he’s a sports lover, get him his favorite player’s jersey.
  • Something he NEEDS but would never buy – Does his red and tan striped comforter totally clash with the green walls?  Is his 15-year-old winter hat almost see-through?  He’ll appreciate the fact that you see a way to upgrade his current situation, even if it’s something he wouldn’t do himself.  (Can you tell I value warmth? haha)

For Her

And a few suggestions for the lady in your life:

  • Flowers – You just can’t go wrong with flowers. Unless she’s told you not to get flowers.  Trust her on that.
  • Candy – A sentimental favorite… I personally don’t love candy, but I wouldn’t turn down a box of Belgian or Italian Baci chocolates!  Nom nom nom…
  • Lingerie – I NEVER buy undies – enough said.  If you want your woman to wear something special or just something NEW, buy it for her!  Win-win, right?

For Him OR Her

  • Music or Movies – Something nostalgic that reminds you of your significant other can be a very sweet gift.  I’d personally buy my boyfriend the movie Office Space since it’s that first movie we watched together 🙂
  • Recreate an old memory – While we’re waxing nostalgic, what IS your favorite memory with your special someone?  What did you do for your first Valentine’s Day?  Why not recreate it as best you can?  It might be nice to rekindle those old feelings and recapture those butterflies you had when you first started seeing each other.
  • Create something – What are you good at?  Use your talents in painting or card-making, or just write a little note; giving something that shows you put some effort into it could be the perfect gift.  You could even make something as corny as a lacy heart valentine card like you used to in grade school.
  • Dinner out – I would bet that every couple has a favorite restaurant or one they’re dying to try.  Just don’t forget to call ahead for reservations if it’s a popular destination!
  • Dinner in – This is more of a challenge for me because I’m not a great cook, but it does show the person that you care enough to do something just for them.  Remember to make something they like, not your own preference!
  • Spa Certificates – I thought about adding this in the “For Her” section, but what dude doesn’t love a good massage??  I can almost feel my muscles relaxing just thinking about it!

Do you have any other suggestions for Valentine’s Day?  Think any of these ideas are way off base?  Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hayley says:

    I love the dancing USB hula girl idea, haha 🙂

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