I am so excited to bring you today’s Etsy Spotlight!  I recently found Heather from BluKatDesign on Twitter (or did she find me?) and when I checked out her store, I was amazed.  She has an incredible talent of bringing new exciting life to vintage pieces, combining them in creative ways to make them fresh and contemporary.  I had to ask if she’d be interested in an Etsy Spotlight, and to my delight, she agreed!

Heather has been making jewelry for over 30 years and also specializes in dollhouse miniatures!  How fun!

Be sure to check out her Facebook page and “Like” her for a 10% off coupon at her store!

How did you become interested in creating jewelry?
My high school art teacher was Ron Ho, an art jeweler known for his fabulous found object jewelry.

What inspires you to create?
I craft what is needed; if I need a painting for a blank wall, I paint; if I need a new necklace for a cool outfit, I make it . If I find a cool vintage flower sometimes the color inspires me.  I like to always have a project going; there is never enough time for everything though; I haven’t had a chance to work on my miniatures for a year and a half!

What are some of your favorite colors/patterns/design aesthetics? How do you incorporate them into your work?
I do like color, my paintings are colorful and so are the vintage flowers I collect. I love the challenge of taking an old, funky earring or brooch and creating something that is new, fashionable and fun to wear today!

What is your workroom like?  What conditions lead you to create the best work?
My work room is too small!  I like to keep things somewhat neat but I also like to leave out all of my vintage parts to inspire me so things can pile up!

How long does it take to design and create each piece?
Sometimes the parts all come together quickly other times it takes awhile get get everything just right especially in my collage necklaces.  I sometimes must take them apart and redo them later when I find just the right vintage piece to add.

What makes your Etsy store different from others?
I think my Etsy store has a  colorful, more modern and fresh feel; hopefully my jewelry is like that too.

Here are a few of Heather’s favorites:

Click any image to view or purchase!

Statement Necklace -Repurposed Vintage Rhinestone, Red Purple

Statement Necklace -Repurposed Vintage Rhinestone, Red Purple

Handmade Necklace - Butterfly Flower Frog

Handmade Necklace - Butterfly Flower Frog

Statement Necklace-Vintage Yellow Flowers

Statement Necklace-Vintage Yellow Flowers

And my personal favorites:

Handmade Necklace -Upcycled Rhinestone Elephant

Handmade Necklace -Upcycled Rhinestone Elephant

Handmade Earrings - Gold Tassel Vintage Flower

Handmade Earrings - Gold Tassel Vintage Flower

Thank you so much Heather!  I absolutely love everything in your store!

If you’re interested in being spotlighted here at ShopHappens – or if you know someone who might be interested, please let me know!  Leave a comment, find me on Facebook and Twitter, or email me!

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2 Responses to Etsy Spotlight: Heather from BluKatDesign

  1. Heather says:

    Erin, Thank-you for the feature! What a wonderful job you did!

  2. Erin says:

    Anytime Heather! You are a great interviewee! 🙂

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