When I saw that Ideeli was featuring Bloch shoes a few weeks ago, I just had to take a chance.  I had some lingering store credit from a returned purchase that didn’t work out and I’ve heard great reviews about the Bloch brand, so I figured it was worth a shot.

To provide some background, I have very, very sensitive feet.  They blister in just about every pair of shoes I own.  Even the most comfortable pair of Naturalizers give my tootsies little pain spots.  It’s VERY difficult to find shoes that don’t absolutely kill and I am very picky about my shoes.  Ask me about Aldo some time.

These Bloch flats though – they are fantastic.

Bloch Crystal Flats

Bloch Crystal Flats, Red

Pardon the grainy picture, but I took these shots at work 🙂

My feet could instantly tell that this company takes comfort seriously – it comes as no surprise that Bloch is well-known for their ballet shoes and comfy higher-end leather flats.  While they were very comfortable, I have to admit that these shoes aren’t exactly high quality.  They’re average quality canvas with adjustable elastic ties to make them tighter or looser based on your preference.  I tried tightening mine a bit and they started to hurt, so looser ended up working best for me.  I was a little worried that the elastic strap would break because it seemed a bit flimsy, but so far, they’ve held up.

One thing I am not totally thrilled with?

Inside of Bloch Crystal flats

Inside of Bloch Crystal flats

Oh yeah, those are bugs on the inside! What?? Why?!?  I don’t get it.  They kinda creep me out every time I stick my feet inside.  As someone who has actually found a bug crawling inside her shoe, this isn’t exactly awesome.  There is a little raised heel pad though, which is pretty great.

I also don’t love the “jelly” bottom:

Bottom of Bloch Crystal flats

Bottom of Bloch Crystal flats

I assume that this is why they’re called “Crystal” flats, so it makes sense, but I’d prefer a more opaque bottom to make them a bit less casual.

But you know what? These shoes were such a great fit and value that I’m completely willing to overlook the inside and bottom.  They’re super comfortable and at Ideeli, they were under $40.  You really can’t beat that.


Definitely worth a try!  I’m going to get my hands on some leather flats as soon as possible.


The Ideeli links in this article are my personal referral links.  If you sign up and make a purchase, I will receive a store credit at Ideeli.  I have been very happy with Ideeli’s service and have found their customer service and delivery to be very prompt.

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