InStylerI’ve been waiting to write this review for a while now.  I wanted to get a good feel for the InStyler rotating hot iron before I passed judgment.  Let me start off by talking a bit about my hair.  I have wavy/kinky/sorta-curly Italian hair.  It’s not too thick, not too thin, just your average wavy hair.  The first time I used the InStyler, I tried it out after wearing my hair in a knot/bun all day:

My Pre-Instyler 'Do

Side Frizz

My worst enemy: the side-frizz.

I got to work and let the InStyler heat up.  The first thing I noticed was that the InStyler doesn’t get that hot.  It was enough to burn my thumb JUST a bit when I tried to get a piece of hair out of the brush, but if it had been my flat iron, I would have been howling! It is pretty awesome that there’s a brush attached to keep everything together, and I like the fact that there is a heating element on both sides – both the spinning barrel and the plate in between the brush bristles heat up to ensure that hair is evenly heated.

The website claims that it only takes 8 minutes to do your entire head of hair… as I mentioned, I don’t have very thick hair, so I don’t see how 8 minutes is possible unless you have very thin hair – and even then I doubt it.  I spent about 30 to 40 minutes pulling the InStyler through my hair.  I separated it into reasonable sized chunks – I was surprised when the 1″ chunks kept slipping out of the InStyler’s grasp.  I’d guess that it depends on your hair’s texture, but I had better results using 2-3″ chunks of hair at one time.  I have to say that it takes MUCH longer and was a lot more work compared to my normal flat iron… and the results aren’t perfect:


Shiny, but not perfectly straight...

It’s definitely a lot straighter, and a lot of the frizz is gone – which is a small miracle in itself – but I would never choose the InStyler over my regular flat iron if I was going for a smooth, sleek look.

However… don’t give up just yet.

I absolutely LOVE the InStyler for one main reason.  After I blow dry my hair as straight as I can get it, the InStyler is perfect for curling my ends. Absolutely perfect.  I hate using curling irons and rollers, so it is a life saver for me.

Final Verdict:

I cannot imagine the InStyler performing the same way it does in the infomercials.  Anyone with hair that is more thick, coarse, or unmanageable than me will probably be very disappointed.  But if you have long hair and need a quick way to give it some life, it is a great option.

Recommended with reservations.

Readers, have you tried the InStyler?  What do you think?  I am very curious to hear how it works on different heads of hair than my own!  Leave your experience in the comments!

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