I have been putting off getting my eyes checked for months and months.  To give you a better idea of this necessary appointment, I will tell you about my current glasses…

About three years ago, I bought a new pair of glasses and thought how wonderful it was to finally see the world in HD.  I do not have poor eye sight at all, but being in a profession which requires me to stare at a computer for 8+ hours a day gives me tremendous headaches and eye strain.  If that is not bad enough, the drive home with light sensitivity and headlights crushes my head.  It has been a battle of stress, fatigue, and sheer strength to attempt to get to the eye doctor.

My glasses were very cute and trendy when I first bought them.  They are brown with a tiger print on the inner part (which no one can see but my inner tiger!)  They got the job done and I loved them for allowing me to see clearly.

Then life happened…

Three years after dropping them in my purse and having my keys scratch them; three years after I wore them to the beach for summers in college getting tanning oil and sand caught in the lenses; three years after accidentally dropping books on them, and of course most recently my boyfriend sitting on my glasses and popping the lens out for good, they are officially unbearably, unwearably awful.

Thank you Livingsocial.com for inspiring me to get out on my lunch break and buy new glasses!  The deal today is $58 for an eye exam AND new glasses!  Not to mention that www.myeyedr.com is located in the same building as my company.  It is very exciting to know that I can accomplish three year’s worth of procrastination over my lunch break.

I highly recommend Livingsocial.com to EVERYONE!

Yours truly,


Editor’s Note: If you’d like to take part in this deal on LivingSocial DC today, click here to use Callie’s personal link.  If three or more people buy using this link, her deal is free.  LivingSocial is the best!

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