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First Impression:
The website is generally clean and easy to navigate, and there are tons of options.  They run sales on items pretty regularly and often provide free shipping with a minimum purchase.  It’s also convenient that drugstore.com is linked up with beauty.com – so if you need drugstore items and beauty items, you can use both and combine shipping.

Purchase Experience:

With non-prescription orders, I have been nothing but happy.  Whether I order shampoo, toilet paper, paper plates (anything you can find at a normal drugstore), it takes very little time to arrive on my doorstep.  The only things that are delayed are orders that include dangerous substances like Drano.  Even those still arrive very quickly, though.

Now for prescription orders, that is another story.  I have had so many problems with their prescription service, BioScrip.  They are not very organized and can often not tell you what’s wrong with an order.  This is a problem if you have recurring medicines that you NEED.  I’ve had to have my doctor call the local pharmacy to place an order more times than I can count.  Kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

Customer Service Experience:
Good.  BioScrip (not drugstore.com) is a bit flaky, but I’ve never had a major problem.  They’re always very polite.

Overall Rating:
A:  I don’t feel right docking drugstore.com for the BioScrip service.  I recommend drugstore.com for just about everything you can get at your local CVS or Walgreens!


Everything was purchased with my own money and all opinions are my own. The Ebates link at the top of this post is my personal referral.

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