For the longest time, I’d been wanting to try airbrush makeup, so when I stumbled across the Temptu Airbrush system at, I knew I had to pick one up ASAP.

Temptu Airbrush Makeup System<side note> Until recently, I had no idea what “airbrush” really meant.  I mean, I’d seen and heard about lots of pictures where people cry foul about “airbrushing” to make someone look better.  But I didn’t know if it was something done to the photograph or to the model (actually, I still don’t).  I’ll admit that the idea of having that flawless, velvety-smooth skin was super appealing to me, so if airbrush makeup made that happen, then I was all over it. </side note>

Anyway, when I went to Sephora, one of the zebras (this is my pet name for Sephora sales staff – I don’t know why) offered to demo the Temptu system on my skin.  I’m not one for allowing others to do my makeup (I even did my own wedding makeup), but I figured I’d let her try. Overall, I hated what she did, but I figured if I bought the system, I could do a much better job myself.

Honestly, I was determined to buy the thing, and the only way I would have left the store without the Temptu was if I was somehow allergic to it.  Happily, I wasn’t, so I eagerly handed over my credit card and even got my 500-Point Perk freebie.  Bonus!

I immediately went home, queued up the instructional DVD, and learned how it works.  The DVD was informative and helpful, but the models’ skin types were all the same sans makeup – flawless.

Note to cosmetics companies:  If you want to show me how great your product is, start with someone who doesn’t have great skin.  Large pores, acne, freckles … you decide.  Just don’t show me a complexion akin to a baby’s ass because I’m certainly not that lucky.

The DVD watched, I decided to get down to business.  I washed and prepped my face (I use Mac’s Oil Control lotion and Urban Decay De Slick in a Tube), assembled the Temptu, and got to work.

The first thing I noticed was how nice the application feels.  When you turn on the power, even before you press the trigger to start the flow of makeup, the air compressor thingy releases a steady stream of air, which feels fantastic.  Even if I’m not using the makeup, I’ll often use the device to dry my moisturizer.  When I pressed the trigger to add makeup to the air, I barely noticed anything.  I used the circular motions, as described, but the coverage was so sheer that I really had to look hard for it.  I tried moving the applicator closer to my face, I tried pumping the trigger, and I even tried just holding my hand in one spot, which naturally caused a ton of makeup to appear on my face.  I assumed there was a learning curve, so I continued to work at it.

After I’d finished my entire face, using circular motions for general coverage and direct “point and shoot” for covering blemishes, I realized three things:

  1. The color the zebra chose for me was all wrong
  2. It takes a long time to apply (like 30+ minutes)
  3. I just spent $300+ (with tax) for something that doesn’t look any different than my current makeup

Disappointed, I decided to try again after I went back and bought the correct shade for my fair, freckled skin (yes, I’m a Ginger).

The 2nd time went much better.  Perhaps I got a dud pod the first time?  The application was quicker, smoother, and more even.  Did it make my skin look flawless and velvety-smooth?  Not a chance, and frankly, I’ve gone back to my usual Mac Studio Fix foundation.  But it’s nice for “special occasions.”

If you’ve got flawless skin, the Temptu will probably make you look even better.  But then again, if your skin is flawless, why do you even need makeup?  Oh, and if your skin is flawless, I hate you (but in a green-eyed monster kind of way).

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5 Responses to Item Review: Temptu Airbrush Makeup System

  1. Jess says:

    Love the review. I am going to be calling Sephora employees zebras now! LOL!

    I had never heard of the Temptu airbrush system but now I am tempted to try it. I will have to check it out at Sephora and see if my local zebra can do a better job on me! 😛

  2. Jas says:

    LOVE the review! Just saw the infomercial for Temptu and was Stoked to try it for $29.95 for the 30 day trial period…. But as with all things it could be too good to be true, so I am going to do some more research. Oh, and I, too, am totally gonna start calling the Sephora employees “zebras” 😉 thank you!

  3. Roxy says:

    Thank you so much for your review of this product. After the commercial I had questions that were not answered while watching the commercial.(1) Freckeles I look like howdy doody in the summertime and no one in commercial had them so,how do I know it will give me the coverage I need?(2)I am Latina but, I am very fair no mention of price to mix a makeup blend for me! (3) Last, no mention of where I could try this product until I read this item review (4) sorry one more thing $29.99 to try product but if you decide to purchase item cost $300.00 according to this review maybe I will go to sephora and check it out and come back and let you gals or guys know how it worked and if it really workd

  4. Lena says:

    Great review, I was looking for some less biased opinion after seeing the infomercial and being really tempted by the idea. I do not have flawless skin either so the idea of an “airbrush” effect really sounded great, if it really worked. It sounds though like I might be better off sticking to what I use which only costs me $10 a month or so. Thanks for sharing the opinion though – and writing a piece that made me smile!

  5. Rashida says:

    This review was awesome, I’m totally calling them zebras now lol. Have you tried any other airbrush systems? If so would you suggest another brand?

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