I’ve never really been a fan of Forever 21.  Blame it on my youth.  When I was much, much younger (15 or so), I tried to use my mother’s credit card to buy myself a new shirt — with her permission of course!  There was a ridiculously long line, but it was worth it because the shirt was so affordable and it fit me perfectly.  However, since my mother was not there in person, the cashier wouldn’t make the purchase.  I understood and informed her that I’d be right back with my mother, and to please hold the shirt for me in the meantime.  Imagine my surprise when I came back and my shirt had disappeared!  The sales rep was so rude and unapologetic that it turned me off from the store for years.

I recently started browsing the store again.  I’m way past 21, but it’s the only somewhat fashionable and affordable store in my local mall, and their online store seems to offer something for every style.  I figured it was worth a shot, and I added an owl necklace to my cart for just under $10.

Forever 21 Color Detail Owl Necklace

Forever 21 Color Detail Owl Necklace

One downside of Forever 21 online is that there is no cash back anywhere!  I checked Mr. Rebates (my current favorite!), Ebates, BigCrumbs, ShopAtHome, and NOTHING.  What a bummer!

However, besides that minor disappointment, I was very pleased.  The shipment arrived in just under a week – pretty standard for ground shipping.  It arrived in perfect condition – in a nicely wrapped package inside of a sturdy branded box.  I thought it was a bit odd that I had to leave my signature on delivery, since it was only a $10 item, but I guess that’s acceptable.

And the necklace?  Adorable, and it seems to be well-made, considering the price.  I’ll be sure to update with a picture when I wear it.  Hmm… how should I style an owl necklace?  Any ideas?
Who else has had experience with Forever 21?  What do you think about the quality, price, and service?

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