You might remember my review of  Since that time, I’ve made a ton more orders at Modnique and I’ve been much more pleased with the service.

Yes, it’s still slow to receive ground shipping from the west coast.  Yes, the referral program is not what it used to be.  However, there have been some great changes at Modnique that I think deserve some attention.

First, if you receive their daily emails, your shipping is always free! What a great program.  I hate paying for shipping, and since return shipping is NOT free, it helps to save a bit on the front end.  Also, if you are on the email list, you get to shop an hour before everyone else – similar to the Ideeli Front Row program, but no annual fee!

Second, the brands and product selection have been more eclectic.  I’ve been able to find some really nice accessories, summer sweaters, shoes, and maxi dresses, so I owe a lot of the credit for my wardrobe to Modnique 🙂

Third, the packaging has been much better.  If you receive your item in a bag, it is very snugly packed and if you receive your item in a box, there are packing peanuts and turquoise tissue paper waiting for you when you open it up.

A few downsides – you heard right, return shipping is not free.  I received one damaged item (Versace jeans for cheap!) and I had to pay return shipping on my own.  I’ve also had a few cancellations (a pair of Degaine skinny jeans in olive – boohoo!) and cancellations are always a huge bummer.

There are still issues with misspellings but they have gotten much better.  It’s much more rare to see a misspelled product name, but it DOES still happen, which I strongly believe is a major fashion website no-no.

I also question the quality of the items and the discounts.  While I’ve seen some really great prices, I always wonder if I could get the same item more cheaply or quicker than ordering at Modnique.

What do you think about Modnique??


The links in this post are referrals using my personal link.  Feel free to use them to sign up for if you’d like.  If you make a purchase of $100 or more, I will receive a $15 credit to use on the site.  I will also receive $10 for everyone you refer who makes a $100+ purchase and $5 for everyone your referrals invite who makes a $100+ purchase.

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One Response to Sample Sale Re-Review: Modnique

  1. GWmi says:

    Modnique is an abusive company. They bought Totsy and basically gave my pre-paid (unfilfilled) order to charity. This may be allowed in this capitalistic country but is not right and we shouldn’t support more corporate greed in America.

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