In honor of July 11 (7/11), 7/11 stores are giving out free Slurpees all day! Don’t forget to collect yours!

Free slurpees!

Free slurpees for all!

However, you might not want to go too crazy… they aren’t calorie free.  I found this interesting little tidbit:

According to, a 16-oz. Coca-Cola Classic Slurpee has 130 calories; a Fanta Orange Slurpee contains 132 calories; a Wicked Apple Slurpee contains 120 calories; and a Goji Berry Cherry Slurpee contains 134 calories.

In addition, according to CalorieKing, to burn the calories from drinking one Slurpee, you would need to walk for 18 minutes, jog for 7 minutes, swim for 5 minutes or cycle for 10 minutes.

And while we’re talking about summer delights…

Have you entered my giveaway for a ruby necklace?? 🙂  I can’t believe July’s already almost half over!!!

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