In case you missed it, DealsGoRound is a great place for you to manage and sell your daily deal vouchers.  (Remember our post from a few days ago?)

On that post, I received a very helpful comment from Kris Petersen, the CEO and founder of DealsGoRound:

Hi Erin,

From one dealaholic to another, thanks for the shout out! I want to let you know that we actually added several new providers to the Deal Wallet this week. Whoop whoop! All your kgbdeals, TravelZoo, Bloomspot and Tippr deals can now be automatically imported into your Deal Wallet with the click of a mouse. Users can still sell deals from providers not on this list, but we can’t import all the information automatically for them. Thanks again and have a great evening!


Kris Petersen
CEO and Founder, DealsGoRound

Awesome!  I wasn’t aware that you could sell from sites other than those officially supported, but it looks like you can.  Love it.  I can’t wait to try this out for myself. I have one deal in my Deal Wallet that I don’t think I’ll be able to use… whoever buys it is in for a treat!

Thanks for stopping by, Kris, and thanks for the info!

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