Who says Twitter is useless?

Well, not me, that’s for sure, but this story just reinforces my love of the social networking site. Peter Shankman (founder of Help A Reporter Out, or HARO as it is commonly called) recently tweeted to @Mortons (yes, the steakhouse) from the airport, saying he’d love them to meet him at his destination with a porterhouse:

The awesome thing is… they showed up! With food!… and the guy was wearing a tux!

I’m sure the fact that Shankman has a boatload of Twitter followers didn’t hurt (he claims he doesn’t believe it was a factor, but I’m not so sure about that), but talk about awesome customer service! What a great way to value your already-satisfied customers.

I’ve never been to Morton’s, but you know what, I think they deserve some extra business after that.

For the whole story, check out his blog here.

What do you think? Did Shankman’s Twitter following get him special treatment? Hmmm… Maybe I should tweet that I’d love a new Maserati…

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2 Responses to “The Greatest Customer Service Story Ever Told”

  1. Hayley says:

    Haha! That’s pretty awesome.

  2. Hah. That’s insane. Brilliant move on Morton’s part too. That’s about the cheapest good publicity money can buy!

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