One thing I always recommend is to buy with outfits in mind. Don’t go crazy and purchase something if you have no idea how you will wear it (unless you’re super creative and this type of challenge works for you… and if that’s you, I’m jealous). That’s not to say that you shouldn’t push your boundaries a bit… I am totally supportive of that and I try to push myself a bit every day, but if you are truly clueless about something, you should reach out for help before you decide to buy. It doesn’t make any sense to spend money on something it just hangs idly in your closet… trust me.

For example, I had someone ask me how to wear a fur vest the other day.  I was a bit taken aback because I don’t really think of myself as an expert in styling… but since I do own a very nice fur vest, I tried to put an image into the girl’s head as to how I would personally wear it.

For example, let’s say I have this Heartloom vest from Bluefly:

If it were me, I would wear it with a long sleeved tee or button down shirt and skinny jeans tucked into high heeled boots. That’s pretty much my go-to outfit in case I am in a jam. You could also pair it with a long flowy skirt or a cute little dress. Here are some of my recent Pinterest additions for ideas:

Before buying something you’re unfamiliar with, it’s really helpful to see how certain people style something similar. (For example, I searched “fur vest” to find those photos above.)

I really can’t recommend Pinterest enough – if anyone needs an invite, please let me know and I’ll shoot one your way.

How would you wear a fur vest? Any other ideas for your fellow reader?

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