Tonight’s America’s Next Top Model episode allowed the models to create a signature fragrance. I started wondering… I do a lot (okay, almost ALL) of my shopping online. How does this translate to fragrance shopping? Can you really buy a fragrance online without some level of risk?

Too Too by Betsey Johnson

Too Too by Betsey Johnson: It's a cute bottle but does it SMELL good??

I have a few tips, but I could always use some more.

  1. Order beauty supplies from Sephora or Ulta, and ALWAYS get fragrances as your free samples
  2. Pay attention to fragrance ads in magazines
  3. Smell, smell, smell when you go into stores
  4. Ask friends what they wear
  5. KEEP A LIST of what you like (paper, smartphone, SOMEthing!)
One tip that doesn’t work for me… reading the descriptions on websites.  I give stores a ton of credit for their writing, but for example, do you really know what this will smell like?

A stunning scent for a new era of feminine glamour, Tom Ford Violet Blonde is an opulent, dressed-up fragrance that reveals a stunning new facet of violet with a ravishing, intriguing elegance. Made with some of the most precious ingredients in the world, it is crafted accordingly to the finest traditions of European perfumery.

Violet Leaf Absolute, Italian Mandarian, Baie Rose, Tuscan Orris Absolute, Tuscan Orris Butter, Jasmin Sambac, Sampaquita, Benzoin, Cedarwood, Vetiver Absolute, Musk, Soft Suede.

Stunning. Opulent. Elegant.

I wish those words made sense to me!

Do you have any other suggestions for fragrance shopping?
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One Response to The Nose Knows: Fragrance Shopping (online)

  1. Thanks for posting. I sometimes have similar problems shopping for fragrance online too. One thing that helps me is to go into a department store and smell the different fragrances and write down which ones I like. Then I go to a discount fragrance site online and see if I can’t get those perfumes for less money.

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