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ShopHappens reader Laura sent in a customer service story about Southwest Airlines. I’ve been pretty happy with Southwest (I have flown with them five times in the past two months!) but this story is pretty bad.

When I was traveling home from Las Vegas, NV, I witnessed a passenger struggling with the overhead storage compartment. She was trying to get her carry on to fit, but the staff luggage was in the way. The rude flight attendant came by, put her hands on her hips and said “this won’t fit, you’ll have to move back.” There was absolutely room for her small bag. All the flight attendant had to do was help her move the other items in the overhead compartment slightly. I was appalled that this older lady would be asked to move because the flight attendant was unwilling to assist her. I am definitely writing a letter of complaint. Someone needs to go back to customer service school!

Grade: C – I’m not really happy or unhappy and I am not sure if I would recommend this to a friend

What do you think? Would you have said something to the flight attendant?

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2 Responses to YouReview: Southwest Airlines Customer Service

  1. Petite J.D. says:

    That’s really too bad! I don’t think it’s ever okay for a flight attendant to get sassy with a customer unless it is really warranted, and of course a baggage issue is not something that would fall into that category. I actually love Southwest and even am part of the Southwest frequent flyer club (Rapid Rewards) because of how easy it is to rack up free flights using the card. Sending a complaint/making the airline aware of the situation is probably best; can’t get fixed if they don’t know about it!

    • Jess says:

      I totally agree, Petite JD. Sometimes the passengers are at fault, but this doesn’t seem like it. I also love Southwest for their rapid rewards and have only had a few small problems in the past. Hopefully this isn’t something that happens all the time!

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