A few months ago, I was browsing through my local Banana Republic when I was approached by a customer service rep. She complimented me on my shoes (Missoni from Target little girls ballet flats) and asked me if I’d ever shopped at Yoox.com.

I’ve gotten the Yoox emails for quite some time, but I admitted that I’d never ordered from there before.  She gasped and said, “oh you must. I am also an independent fashion stylist and it is THE place to go for cheap designer duds. I use it for all of my clients.”

I was intrigued.  Very intrigued.

So I came home and logged into the website.  I saw a convenient link for a sale and started to click around.  My first impression was intimidation.  So many brands, so many styles… where do I start?  And even after I start somewhere, how do I know what’s a good deal?  $300 for shoes (even if they retailed at $1500) is still pretty steep for me… but is it worth it?

That is my major complaint with Yoox – no customer feedback.  I rely on that information at Banana Republic/Old Navy/Endless/DSW… most of my favorite stores.  I shouldn’t have to search each item before buying to see if there’s some review out there SOMEwhere – it should be right there on the website.

I also didn’t like the fact that there was no inseam information for designer jeans.  This is a big problem for me and my approx. 30″ inseam legs.  When jeans are 34″ or more, I have to factor tailoring into the mix.  If the inseam is 30-32″, I can pay a bit more because I know I shouldn’t need to tailor them.  Big deal to someone like me… and I am not a rare case either.

Besides that though, I would recommend Yoox.  After I sorted the items by price (cheapest first of course), I ordered a gorgeous pair of red jeans in the PERFECT shade and shipping was super fast in a sturdy cardboard box.  I really could not be more happy with that aspect of the company.  I didn’t love that the jeans weren’t returnable though – since there weren’t any reviews, I figured I would take a chance on a size smaller and hope that they were stretchy.  Imagine my disappointment when the jeans were unbuttonable.  Depressing… but a worthwhile venture.  I’m pretty confident that they’ll sell on eBay or I will find a size 25 gal who will be willing to take them off my hands.

My grade: a solid B.  There are improvements for sure, but Yoox’s variety of brand offerings and sheer number of items for sale make it a shopper’s paradise.

Have you shopped at Yoox before? What do you think?

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2 Responses to Retailer Review: Yoox.com

  1. Hayley says:

    Yoox is missing some CRUCIAL information in their item descriptions. Not only inseam but actual style names, washes, etc. But Yoox definitely does ship fast and has some great deals.

    • Erin says:

      Excellent point, Hayley! I totally agree. Washes and styles are especially important when trying to re-sell or provide an accurate description for reviews! That’s how I ended up with two pairs of the SAME exact William Rast jeans last year!

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