I’ll start this journey by saying that I’ve had notoriously BAD luck with Paige jeans.  I almost gave up on the brand completely, but I am so, so glad I didn’t.

Here’s the story:

Paige Premium Denim was my very first experience with designer jeans.  Way back in March 2009, I excitedly ordered two pairs of Paige jeans from an online sample sale site, but because I was so inexperienced, there were two major problems.

  1. I didn’t know that Paige ran slightly small, and
  2. I didn’t have a clue what size would fit.

(Hey, I was a newbie!  Don’t make fun!  For the record, I now know that am a solid 26/2 in pants/jeans and I have a 30″ inseam.  I’m also familiar with what brands run big/small.  It helps to be knowledgeable!)

So anyhoo, with a heart full of hope, I blindly ordered two pairs for about $90 each – a size 25 in the Abbot Kinney jeans and a 26 in the Atwater jeans.  One pair had to fit, right?

Wrong. I was so disappointed when the Abbot Kinney jeans didn’t come past my hips and the Atwaters would barely fasten.  Looking back, I could have kept those Atwaters, but I just felt so uncomfortable and the muffin top was not attractive.  It was a dreadfully bad first experience with designer denim.  So both pairs were sent back across the country for a refund (side note: return shipping was NOT included, so it was an expensive lesson for me.)  I could have cried.  And to be honest, I probably did.

About a month later, I was able to score a pair of size 26 Paige San Marino jeans for just under $50.  I do like them and I actually just wore them the other day, but they are a dark black shiny wash, which means they just aren’t good for everyday jeans for me.  They’re my dressy pair that I wear when I’m trying to impress someone.  And… they’re a bit tight and the material is very thin.  They’ll do, but they aren’t perfect by any means.

Fast forward to March 2010.  My sister and I went shopping at Filene’s Basement, and there were TONS of Paige jeans.  I was 100% SURE I could find a pair that worked, so I grabbed a few pairs in different sizes and headed for the dressing room.  Nope.  Nothing.  Not size 26, not size 27.  Not bell bottoms, not skinnies, not wide legs, not bootcuts.  Nothing worked!  My butt looked terrible, the waist was gappy, they were horrifically long… anything that could have gone wrong did.  I was so upset.  For so long, I wanted to love this brand.  Others have had such great luck with it, so why can’t I?

Imagine my surprise when I stopped into Off 5th (the outlet version of Saks Fifth Avenue) after work and found a pair of size 27 Paige Skyline skinnies that looked like they might work for me.  I looked closer at the tag and it actually said PETITE!  I know some of you understand this, but for those non-petites out there – it is RIDICULOUSLY difficult to find designer jeans with an appropriate inseam.  Almost all of my jeans have been altered for $14 to $25 a pop, or they just fit long.  (Read: scrunchy ankles. Hot, right?)  Anyway, given my history, I refused to let myself get excited and I headed to the fitting room.

Sorry for the blurriness.  I hate using my Droid for pictures, but in my defense, I did take these in the dressing room!

Anyway, they fit decently in the midsection – even when I’m a little bloated.  There was a slight gap when I bent over, but nothing to complain about.  They stretched comfortably and I was able to cuff them easily.  I’ve had some bad luck with Banana Republic and Gap jeans – cuffing them was too hard because of the lack of stretch.  I probably could have gotten a size 26 in this particular pair, since they’re so stretchy, but they are a great weekend pair of jeans.

The distressing is a bit much and obvious, but I’m okay with that.  They look really cute tucked into boots in the fall, and while I wouldn’t wear them with the particular flip flops in the pictures, they look nice cuffed with gladiators or my “dressy” flips.

The best part?  The original price of these babies is $189 or so.  I got them for…

Drumroll please…


So whaddaya think?  Are you a Paige fan? What’s your best designer score?

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