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Earlier this week, my cousin noted on Facebook: “Just a PSA: Don’t ever order from Kohls.com. They have to have the worst supply chain and fulfillment department I’ve ever seen. Really, really terrible.”

I have only had good experiences with them in the past, but I trust my cousin’s judgment so I asked him what had happened. What I found out was truly disappointing!

Check this out:

Kristen ordered multiple gifts on Cyber Monday. Three weeks later she gets an email stating one item is out of stock now and is cancelled. The rest of the order ships. Or so we think. A week goes by, UPS never got the package. We had to call to see what was up. Come to find out while they were fulfilling the order, they stopped putting stuff in the box when the first item was cancelled and just left the rest of the order un shipped, but their system thought it was. The best part? Now EVERYTHING she ordered is out of stock. So 30 days thinking you ordered gifts come to find out, nope. Oh wait, the REAL best part? The refund takes 14-30 days to process. Yes 30 days.

That is just plain awful. I feel so bad for my cousin and his family (he has a young son who was probably looking forward to those gifts!), so now he has to scramble to find something to put under the tree. ¬†Unfortunately though, there’s nothing that can be done at this point. I can’t believe that it takes THAT long to process the refund!!

Has anyone else had trouble with Kohls this holiday season?

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