Teacher Christmas Ornament

Many of my friends are teachers, and I always love hearing about the creative gifts they get from their students. One of my favorite contributions for best teacher gift ever came from Miss Morris on Facebook.  She says her favorite present was “A painted rock that said “Ms. Rock” on it.” – how funny is that?

Anyway, that brings me to our list. Here are a few ideas for what to get for your favorite teacher this holiday season:

  1. Something handmade and heartfelt.  Like Ms. Rock above, something that ensures your teacher will remember you is always good.  Paperweights, trinkets, ornaments… all have a more special meaning when they come from the heart.
  2. Office supplies.  Most of the decorations in a classroom are purchased by the teacher.  I don’t know any teachers who would turn down things like posters, calendars, construction paper… even school supplies like pencils and crayons (which are given to kids who forget theirs).
  3. Gift cards.  You really, really can’t go wrong with a gift card.  Stay away from places like Victoria’s Secret though.  Talk about awkward.  Stick to Amazon, gas stations, Starbucks, Office Depot, Target… somewhere you know your teacher will be able to use it.
  4. Something kitschy.  Another of Miss Morris’s favorites was a leopard print Snuggie.  If you see something that you think your teacher will like, you might as well go for it.  It might turn out to be his or her favorite gift ever!
  5. Christmas ornaments.  This could be touchy if your teacher doesn’t celebrate Christmas, but if he or she does, something to hang on the tree is a great idea.  Extra bonus points if it’s super cute or handmade 🙂
Do you have any other suggestions?  Teachers, what’s your favorite gift you’ve ever gotten from a student?  Please share in the comments!
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