Christmas Shopping

I tend to go a bit nuts trying to find the best deals on my holiday shopping list. I stalk the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, I lurk on eBay, and I scour the newspaper for coupons.  However, there are some items that you should wait until after Christmas to buy.

For example:

  • Fitness equipment: This works out nicely for those of us who need to lose a few holiday pounds
  • Clothing: Every store is going to be clearing out their winter merchandise in the days ahead, so you should be able to clean up with discounts (however, heavy coats and other winter wear will be on bigger discount closer to spring… so hold out if you can!)
  • Cars:  Unless your very generous husband or wife bought you a Lexus this year, wait until the very end of December to get your hands on a new car
  • Christmas decorations: I’d personally try Home Depot – I loved their selections when I visited their holiday department in November
  • Smartphones: has a great deal on a ton of higher-end smartphones – but today’s the last day so go quick!
I know some families that wait until after Christmas to shop for each other, just to collect on these bargains.  I’ll have to suggest that for next year 🙂
Any other tips for after-Christmas shopping?
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