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So, you may have remembered the fact that I got a new job… which turns out to be 1. Awesome! and 2. Very Busy. It’s been really great so far, but man oh man, I am wiped! I have been trying to keep up with reviews and news, but once school starts up again, I’ll be absolutely swamped.

Therefore – consider this an open call for:

Product reviews: Love it? Hate it? Tell us about it!
Retailer reviews: Who ships fast and who ships slow? What store has the least amount of feng shui?
Customer service stories: What customer service rep really wowed you? Who made you cringe?
Etsy Spotlights: Do you make something or know someone who does? Please pass them my info and we’ll connect!

As always, if you have your own website or blog, I would be happy to link up! Just let me know and we can work it out 🙂

Come on, my loves! I am counting on you! Get me through this hellish semester with my sanity (relatively) in tact!

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