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I’ve been using to keep track of my moolah for a few years now.  It’s an easy way to see how much of your money is going to what categories.  I set up separate budgets for clothing, gas/car stuff, shopping/entertainment, school, etc., and it has been really effective to keep me honest and not go too crazy with my expenditures.  I can easily see where I’m going over and where I have some wiggle room:

Mint Budget Breakdown

Mint Budget Breakdown

(As you can tell, I need to curb my clothing shopping this month! haha!)

Anyway, also provides ways to track goals, such as retirement or a vacation. I like that it shows me my progress to the goal. It makes it more REAL in my mind.

Some people have expressed security concerns about submitting financial data to Mint. I haven’t had a single problem as a result, but I can understand the reservation. Of course nothing is 100% secure, but as long as you are mindful of your accounts, banks are usually pretty good about keeping everything together and making sure the customer is happy. (I used to work for one, so I should know!)

Another small annoyance is that you actually have to categorize a lot of your transactions. Sometimes the credit card transaction isn’t totally clear. For example, I had to categorize a Target purchase as clothing instead of home goods to make sure that my budgets were accurate. And if you use cash to make your purchases, you have to enter those by hand. Not a big deal, but it does take some time.

Have you used to manage your finances? What are your thoughts?

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