I know it’s a polarizing song… but I can’t get enough of Red Solo Cup! It’s so darn catchy 🙂

Anyway, I was chatting with some fellow Red Solo Cup fans, and one of the ladies mentioned that she had a ceramic version. I had to know where to purchase this masterpiece… and she delivered! Check this out:

Red Solo Cup

Let's have a party!

Buy it at Thinkgeek: $8.99
Currently sold out, but you know I’ll be checking back to see when it’s in stock!

I thought I’d try to find other places to buy a more permanent, crack-proof red solo cup… and I didn’t turn up any! Do you know where I can get an awesome, reusable red solo cup?

And in case you don’t know the song… prepare for awesome. Or awful, depending on your perspective 🙂

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