I received a most excellent comment from reader Laura today!  (For the original post about Victoria’s Secret returns, click here.)

I must have good experiences with VS…  I know this article was written almost a year ago, but items you bought online are NOW able to be returned at the store.  Oh, and also, you don’t have to use their prepaid label when returning items in the mail.  Just send it to the returns dept. address yourself, and even if you include an extra $1.00 or so for tracking confirmation, it is always cheaper than using their UPS prepaid label.

And how are their return rules different from anywhere else?  I find it rare when a company offers free return shipping for items that you’ve just “changed your mind” on or what not.  One time I received a dress from VS that had a slight rip in the seam – defective or something.  I called customer service and was able to return it for free (without exchanging it for a new one).

I don’t know…I guess I’ve been lucky with my VS experiences thus far!

That’s awesome that you’ve been happy with your experience so far, Laura! I’m VERY glad to hear that the defective item was returned free of charge!!

I feel like the trend in online shopping is moving towards provide free shipping/free returns (at least it’s a BIG part of my decision-making process when I’m not sure if something will fit!)

When I make a return, it’s not usually because I’ve changed my mind about the item, it’s that it legitimately doesn’t fit me as well as it should. If I was in a physical store, I would have tried it on in the dressing room and decided yes or no before buying. Online shopping doesn’t allow you to try anything on, and VS clothes and swimsuits are ONLY sold online… so there’s a little problem there. It’s my personal opinion that the store should provide free return shipping when items are damaged or do not fit. (But that’s just me… off my soapbox now! 🙂 )

Anyhoo, I think that this is a good sign either way… maybe times are changing at Victoria’s Secret!

What do you think?

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