When I was gluten free for nine weeks, I had a heck of a time finding a place to eat.  My friends and family were very understanding, but I felt like  such a burden.  It was always “no, I can’t eat that,” and “no, that has breadcrumbs,” and “do you have any wheat free soy sauce?”  I felt like a broken record.  I even explored the option of creating building out isitgluten.com (which I own but never did anything with… maybe sometime after I’m done my classes).  I needed help finding what foods were good for me and which were not okay to eat… and on top of that, I wanted to know what TASTED good.

So it was music to my ears when Mashable informed me that there is a new app that will help you find a gluten free restaurant near you!

Dish Freely App

Dish Freely App Screenshot

Most gluten-free eaters use Yelp or rely on bloggers to find gluten-free restaurants. But Grande Labs creators DeRemer, Roger Wong and Luke Freeman said Dish Freely offers a better discovery experience for gluten-free people when they are going out to eat.

The Dish Freely app allows gluten-free eaters to submit and rate gluten-free dishes that they ate while dining out. Users can search for specific dishes — say macaroni and cheese — and the app will pull up reviews of the best gluten-free macaroni in the city. A user can also search by restaurants to find the best gluten-free dishes at a particular venue. The dish reviews are completely user generated. Users can upload photos of the dish, add comments about the dish and check into Foursquare while eating the dish.

What a great idea!  I love crowdsourcing 🙂  Dish Freely is only available for iOS right now, but I could see this expanding to other platforms very soon.

Gluten-free readers, have you downloaded the app yet?   What do you think?

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