Hey everyone! I’m coming to you LIVE from beautiful Los Angeles, California! It’s my first visit here so I am trying to act like a local… look chill, be relaxed… is that how it goes? It’s tough for us East Coast girls to get used to this type of lifestyle!

Anyway, I am really excited to share an interview with author Cynthia Langston! Her book, Bicoastal Babe, is being turned into a new show on the CW, produced by the one and only Katherine Heigl. The show, tentatively titled “Trending,” promises to deliver drama and excitement from both coasts of the United States!

The book sounds awesome — and maybe now I can relate since I am somewhat bicoastal!! One visit to the west coast counts, doesn’t it? Read on for the interview 🙂

1. What about Bicoastal Babe do you think would make for a great television show?

The main character has a really cool, interesting job that (at least as far as I know) hasn’t been portrayed in any movie or TV show: she’s a “trend tracker,” which means that she has to keep the pulse of what’s trending currently (in all sorts of areas of pop culture), and also predict what’s coming next. There’s a very dynamic energy to it, and from a story standpoint, endless possibilities of where to go with it.

2. What was your inspiration for Bicoastal Babe? Is it based on reality?

I own a marketing research company that investigates trends, and at one point, I was splitting my time between New York and Los Angeles. The sharp contrast of the two cities was amazing to me. The landscape, the people, the culture and the overall vibe of each city is so different – that’s what first inspired me to write this story.

3. (My own personal burning question!) Have you met Katherine Heigl? What’s she *really* like?

I was visiting a photo shoot that Katherine was doing back when she represented Nautica fragrance. I did meet her, and she was extremely cool. Her personality was warm, engaging and super upbeat. She’s also really tall (5’10 – same as me) and luminous. She has a glow about her. She mentioned that she’s an avid reader, so I gave her a copy of Bicoastal Babe and was thrilled at how much she connected with it.

4. Who would you cast as the main characters in Bicoastal Babe? Did you write the book with anyone in mind?

I actually wrote the book with Drew Barrymore in mind. I picture the character as sweet and vulnerable, but with a feisty side as well. And you know what’s funny? I always pictured the character of Victor being played by Justin Theroux, way before he was famous for dating Jennifer Aniston. I saw him in a great little movie called “Boiler Room” and thought he would be perfect.

5. Congratulations on your new addition! How has motherhood affected you creatively?

I have to admit something. I used to roll my eyes a little at everyone who described motherhood as being so chaotic and exhausting. But now I totally get it! It forces you to be focused in small chunks. If you have twenty minutes, you have to sit down and just do it. Waiting for that zen feeling of creative inspiration is a luxury of the past!

Be sure to check out Cynthia’s website, CynthiaLangston.net, and catch her on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

To purchase Bicoastal Babe (you have to brush up on the story before the show, you know!), check it out on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

Thank you so much Cynthia for answering some questions for us! Can’t wait to read Bicoastal Babe, especially now that I am one 🙂

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