Hi readers, Callie here! Erin’s taking a little break as she finishes up her finals for the semester, so I am here to report on a customer service nightmare I heard from a friend of mine. ┬áHere’s her story:

Background: I spent the past couple of years growing highlights out of my hair. I did a few different rinses to keep the color pretty close to my natural color, but I thought it was time for a change. I’ve been trying to find a place that uses Kadus dye, but eventually gave up because it seemed impossible. So yesterday after work, I returned to a place where I’d gotten my highlights done once or twice before.

I arrived around 5:45 without an appointment, but thankfully the place wasn’t very busy and they could fit me in. I said I wanted highlights and maybe all-over color to hide my grays and a haircut. The front desk girl was very polite and escorted me back to a chair in the middle of the salon. I sat there waiting for a few minutes and the shampoo girl asked who was doing my hair – I said I had no idea, no one had told me yet. When my hairdresser finally came over, she asked what I wanted (and apparently zoned out) and said she would do my roots and highlights. Spoiler alert: I don’t think she really knew what I meant when I said “less blonde, more red” – but we will get to that later.

She slapped on my color within about ten minutes, which I found to be both highly efficient AND very messy, as she got splatters of dye all over my face, neck, ears, and even on her own clothing and my gown (is that what it’s called?). I sat there for what seemed like an eternity, then she came back and set a timer to 30 minutes. 15 minutes after the timer went off, the shampoo girl called me back. Normally, I used to get a toner, but I don’t think I did this time? I honestly had no idea what my hair was looking like at this point.

When I sat up, it looked pretty brassy… but maybe that’s just because it was wet? I was shuttled to a different seat, which my stylist spun around vacantly before I sat in it, causing me to kind of chase the chair around in confusion. Very odd. She asked how much off, if I want layers and I said 2 inches, but keep it longer around my face because my hair tends to shrink up a bit. She got to chopping… and chop she did! I think the cut is probably solid, but it is not what I asked for – the layers around my face are super short and there’s a big chunk on the right side that’s way shorter than the rest. Maybe it’s a style? I honestly don’t know.

Anyway, this is the worst part. After about 2 minutes of cutting (this lady is FAST!), it was style time. And it was absolutely brutal. To wick off some of the excess water, she “tousled” my hair with what can only be described as vigorous blows to the scalp, then she started the real torture – blow drying.

Things that went wrong:

1. Got pommeled in the head and/or face with: stylist’s fist/hand, hair dryer, and two round brushes.

2. Scalp absolutely singed due to heat of the hair dryer. (I noticed when I got home that there was an entire patch of my hair that was curled up like it was stuck in a flame – does this ever go away???)

3. Entire forehead turned red as if it had been brutally waxed with molten lava.

4. My head was yanked around as if I was a training head in a beauty salon with no feelings or nerve endings.

I’m sure there were more, but I can’t remember. I was laughing to keep from crying the entire time. I thought to myself several times, “I think this woman hates me!” and maybe she did. Maybe she doesn’t like walk-ins.

What’s worse? They charged me $160 for that madness. My hair is not very long, and my stylist did not spend any care to get to know me/my hair or ask me what I actually wanted it to look like. She didn’t offer me a magazine while I wanted or ask if I was doing okay. I know those things aren’t required, but if I am going to spend that much time with you, at least be pleasant and welcoming. On top of all that, my highlights are much closer to blonde than red… which was my very first request. So I felt bad, but I didn’t leave a tip. I left with my jaw literally dropped from the price and the punishment I’d just endured.

It doesn’t look BAD, but it’s not what I asked for.

I have to ask… What would you have done in this situation?

It would have been nice to see a smile from the stylist...

It would have been nice to see a smile from the stylist...

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