Black Friday Survival Guide

I’ll be the first to admit that I am scared of Black Friday. We always hear about trampling deaths and riots and fights. It’s really pretty ironic that it comes right after the day in which we give thanks for all that we have… but I digress.

If you’re venturing out on Black Friday, here are some quick tips to help you survive:

1. Be polite

Normally, this would go last on any list (certainly after the planning steps) but I’m putting it first because it’s so incredibly important. The people who are working on Black Friday probably aren’t as excited about it as you are. Be nice to them. They just finished Thanksgiving dinner (if they were lucky enough to have one) and then reported to work when everyone else has the day off for the sole purpose of preparing for the midnight rush.  Also remember to be polite to your fellow shoppers. It’s not cute to get in a fight with another mom or dad over the last Furby or cheapo HDTV on the shelf. Not that serious, guys. You/your kid will survive.

2. Have a plan

Most retailers have already released their Black Friday deals. Do your research and know where you want to go. If you’re torn between two stores, you could divide and conquer with a friend, or just coin flip to decide on one. You could also download Black Friday apps: TGI Black Friday, The Black Friday App, and Black Friday Ads, just to name a few. If you’re just starting to prepare on Thanksgiving, you’ve probably waited too long.

3. Dress wisely and check the weather

If you know you’ll be waiting in line outside, be sure to bring blankets and coats. It may also help to bring some refreshments like hot chocolate or coffee. Invest in some cozy Ugg boots and thick socks if you’ll be waiting outside.  I might not be a Black Friday fan but I am a football/tailgating fan, and this tactic has saved my tootsies on more than one occasion.

4. Bring coupons

Many retailers will honor coupons even if it’s Black Friday. It always helps to check beforehand and refer to step 1 if you encounter a problem at the register.

5. Shop online

If all else fails, you could be like me and just shop online 🙂


What other tips do you have for surviving Black Friday?

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