There are a few gifts that every couple seems to get when they get married: A chip and dip set (often shaped like a pepper or some other kitsch), an ice-cream maker (or, alternately, a bread maker), and a crystal bowl (presumably used for punch … or fruit?). Most of these gifts get a lot of attention in the first few weeks after being opened, but they are soon relegated to the back of the cupboard, where they are forgotten about with the rest of the gadgets that were gifted or purchased on impulse.

If you have a wedding to attend soon, make sure that your gift is really useful for the couple and will be around long after the honeymoon. Here are 5 wedding gifts you can choose that a couple will really use:

Knife Set

A good knife set is a kitchen staple. A couple will likely use it every time they cook something that requires more than tossing it in the microwave. A good knife set will also make cooking easier by making cutting quick and effortless. If you choose a quality knife set — and not just one of those $30 blocks that you get from Target — the knives can be maintained and sharpened to last for years.

Pots and Pans

Like knives, the quality of the pots and pans you choose is important. Consider a stainless steel set that will stand up to rust and stains, will help food cook evenly, and will eliminate the transfer of toxic materials to food (unlike “non-stick” pans that are coated with chemicals). Choose a set that includes all the basic items, include a sauce pan, saute pan, and soup pot.

Tool Kit

A hammer isn’t exactly the kind of gift you want to get when you’re celebrating love and romance, but it is the kind of gift you need to start your life together as a couple. A good tool kit will serve a couple for years to come. Consider a kit that includes all the basics, such as a hammer, level, measuring tape, different sizes and types of screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, and more.


Luggage is another gift that’s not exactly romantic but it completely necessary. A good luggage set should hold up under the pressure of many trips — being thrown around in airplane cargo, being shoved into an overstuffed trunk, and being dragged around on busses and taxis. Choose a set that’s made of quality material, that’s reinforced, and that includes several sizes and pieces.


The thing that most young couples need the most when they are just starting out is cash — especially after they’ve likely just spend thousands of dollars on a wedding. You can write a check or stuff an envelope with cash to donate to the couple’s wedding, honeymoon, or fund to buy a new home. You can mark the gift with its intended purpose if you like, but no couple is going to wonder what they can do with cash.

Don’t waste your money on kitschy items and kitchen gadgets that a couple is just going to forget about after a few weeks or a few months. Be sure that the gift you buy will really be useful for the couple.

What other gifts have you given (or received) that you felt were really useful? Share your suggestions in the comments!

Chloe Trogden is seasoned financial aid writer who covers specific opportunities such as cosmetology scholarships. Her leisure activities include camping, swimming and playing her guitar.


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