Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I wanted to let you all know that 1. I’m alive and well, and 2. I’m not abandoning ship (even though it may seem like it!)

To be honest, with my job and wedding planning, as well as preparing my condo for rent, I’ve been super busy! I don’t have a lot of info to share with the ShopHappens group because, well, I haven’t been shopping a whole bunch. And when I do, I don’t have much time to craft a thoughtful review. I promise, I’ll get back in the swing of things come November or so.

What’s coming? I have a few Etsy Spotlight ideas brewing, as well as a few helpful hints for wedding planning and event shopping. Maybe even outfit ideas and shopping guides for bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and rehearsal dinners! In the meantime, if anyone is interested in guest posting, please let me know! I’d love to share your stories and I love spreading the word about other awesome blogs or stores.

I have to run, but I’ll leave you with a funny story. A and I were coming back from Taco Bell last night (I told you we were busy – we’re not even eating healthy!) and as we dug into our meals, he showed me what his fire sauce packet said. I hadn’t looked at mine, so I picked it up and when I read it, I about died! They were so perfect for this moment in our lives:

Taco Bell Prophets

Even better? His next packet said Things just got real.

Til next time, friends!

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